Love In The Fire is a new ministry birthed from the hearts of Michael and Hannah. They have a very strong desire to bring forth an awakening to families everywhere. The Love of Christ is what we want to share with the families of our nation and our world, who are living in the midst of the Fire, which can be found in any arena of life, such as spousal abuse, miscommunications, teenage rebellion, and so many more! We seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in reaching out to families who have a hard time bridging the gap between parents and their children. There is a better life to be lived,…

25 For whoever wants to save their life [a] will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. (Matthew 16)

We know you’re a bit surprised that we’re asking for donations, so just let me assure you of what we are doing with this. Love In The Fire is growing, by the grace of God, and due to such growth, we are expecting blessed opportunities in the near future to start organizing a mission team to help reach out to our local Athens community. We will keep it local for the time being, until we gain enough support and donations to move outside of the city. We don’t want to limit the potential that God is giving us to reach out, so we’re open for anything.

To assure you about the donations, it is wide open for anything you feel led to give, though we pray that you will consider at least a $5 minimun donation,… but $1 will be just as good! Specifically, what we will do with this money is to seek out elderly people in our city and buy groceries to help them with a nice dinner, or organize a team to go out and help bring food to the less fortunate. All of this will be done through the organization, TheCommon.org


For the best depiction of what TheCommon.org is all about, click

TheCommon.org – In Book Form

and watch this short video. It’s truly amazing!

Really, the sky is the limit, and we will consider all opportunities and do the best we can to reach out to as many people as we can!

Feel free to email me on Facebook, or at love_inthefire@hotmail.com for further information and any questions you may have!

We pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you to invest in His Kingdom through Love In The Fire!



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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Keep it up

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