street corner dreams.

I had the biggest dream of my life last night, and thankfully it had everything to do with God’s calling on my life to start a ministry.

I realized upon awakening, however, that I’m going to need as much help and support as possible in order to bring this thing to life.

No rush yet.

Details to be worked out.

Teams to be assembled.

Prayers to be prayed.

Look out!





One response to “street corner dreams.

  1. It’s so cool when the Lord appears to us in the same ways we read about in the Bible. I love it how He can speak to us in our sub-conscious state while sleeping and we wake up with a renewed direction and goal for whatever our ministry or opportunity may be! I’m praying for you man and I’m hopeful for you that God will continue to speak to you and take your ministry to the next level!


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